Installation instructions Nokia PC Suite using Bluetooth

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    Last updated: 9-9-2004

OS: Windows XP Sp2
Dongle used: Sitecom CN-502
Phone used: Nokia 6310i
Software version: Nokia PC Suite 4.88

Make sure the appropriate Bluetooth drivers have been installed on the PC (see BtSitecomInstallation01.doc).


Start Setup.exe from the installation set

Click Next, Yes, Next, Next

Mark the same language as used for Windows

Click Next, Next, Next

Wait till the installation is finished

Click Finish and let the PC reboot


When using PC Suite over Bluetooth it uses three com ports, one for incoming traffic and two for outgoing. Your Sitecom driver might not have allocated enough Com ports to support this, so letís first make sure these Com ports have been allocated and are available for ActiveSync.


Open the Sitecom Advanced Configuration window (e.g. by right-clicking the Bluetooth icon in the task bar).

Click the Local services tab

Click Add Serial Service

If the Bluetooth Properties Window comes up right away, there were already Com ports allocated to Bluetooth that you can use. There might be more Com ports to choose from, select the one you prefer.

If at first other Windows pop-up (System Properties, etc.), a new virtual Com port is allocated to the BT driver. In this case there will be only one Com port to choose from.

In both cases, Mark Startup Automatically.

Remember both the Com port and the Service Name allocated to the new entry.

Click OK

Click the Client Applications tab

Click Add COM port

The same process takes place as with the Local services tab, click OK when finished (this time you donít have to remember the Com port and service name allocated).

Click Add COM port again to add yet another Com port.

Click OK when finished adding the Com port.

Click OK to leave the Bluetooth Configuration Window


Make sure the Nokia phone is switched on and Bluetooth on the phone is turned on.


Open on the PC My Bluetooth Places

Click on Search for devices in range

The Nokia 6310i (or whatever phone you are using) icon should now appear

Right-click it and select Pair Device

Enter and remember the Bluetooth PIN Code

Click OK

On the Phone a pairing prompt should appear

Select Accept

Enter the same code as used before

Select OK

On the PC a red mark should now appear with the Nokia 6310i icon.


Right-click the Nokia 6310i icon in the Bluetooth Neighborhood and select Discover Available Services.

Right Click the Nokia PC Suite on Nokia 6310i icon and select Connect to Bluetooth Serial Port

Accept the pairing prompt on the Phone

A prompt appears on the PC telling you which serial port has been configured. Remember this port number.

Click OK


Open Control Panel / Nokia Connection Manager

Click the buttons in the top row such that the rightmost (Bluetooth) button is selected and the others are not (these buttons have a green background if selected, gray if not).

In the Phone box the name Nokia Bluetooth phone should appear.

Select this entry

Click Apply

Select the Com port assigned under the Local Services tab in the Bluetooth Windows on the PC.

Click Connect

The screen of the phone in the small icon should turn green to indicate the phone is connected.

Click OK


Now setup the synchronization itself, assuming you use Outlook:


Start Programs / Nokia PC Suite 4 / Nokia PC Sync

Select Microsoft Outlook

Click OK

Click the different Tabs and set options as you like. Especially notice the General / Advanced options, where you can which device has precedence in case of conflicts and the Microsoft Outlook tab where you select the Outlook folders you want to synchronize with (if you use Exchange, you should typically not use the default Personal Folders).

Click OK to close the Nokia PC Sync Properties window


To start the first synchronization


Start Programs / Nokia PC Suite 4 / Nokia PC Sync

Click Synchronize now


Or alternatively right-click the PC Suite icon in the taskbar and select Synchronize.


If a prompt on the PC asks you to allow access to Microsoft Outlook, Mark Allow for Ö and click Yes.


To start a synchronization later on

Switch on the Nokia phone and turn on Bluetooth.

Double-click My Bluetooth places.

If the Nokia Phone icon is not displayed, click Search for devices in range.

Right-click the Nokia phone icon and select Connect Nokia PC Suite.

On the phone Accept Pairing.

On the PC remember the COM port and click OK.

Double-click the Nokia phone in the taskbar (or alternatively Start the Nokia Connection Manager from the Control Panel).

Select Nokia Bluetooth Phone.

Click Apply.

Select the same Com port as displayed before.

Click OK.


Start Nokia PC Suite / Nokia PC Sync

Click Synchronize Now

(If a prompt on the PC asks you to allow access to Microsoft Outlook, Mark Allow for Ö and click Yes.)

Click View Log to check for errors and close the window.