Infralin Consultancy is a small consultancy company focused on ICT infrastructure aspects.


It consists of a single employee with a broad background in ICT management and technology (Gijsbert van der Linden).


By combining his experience in these two worlds he knows to bridge the gap between the worlds of business management and ICT technology, aligning a company’s ICT architecture with its business objectives.


Aspects of the ICT Infrastructure covered by Infralin Consultancy are:


·        Organization
Governance, ITIL, Service Level Agreements, Cost allocation


·        Security
Procedures, instructions, guidelines


·        Network
Network topologies, naming and addressing schemes, routing protocols.


·        Network services


·        Authentication and authorization

·        Active Directory design, implementation and migrations

·        LDAP and Directory synchronizations

·        PKI and certificates

·        Strong (two-factor) authentication


·        E-mail

·        Exchange design, implementation and migrations

·        SMTP gateways

·        Virus and spam filtering


·        Internet Access
Firewalls, Proxy servers, DNS structures


·        Remote Access


·        Third Party connections
IPSEC, XML, Gateways




Curriculum Vitae



Gijsbert (G.A.) van der Linden


Strolaan 13A

6816 PL Arnhem

The Netherlands


+31 619600882



2-6-1952, Amsterdam


Delft University of Technology

MSc degree (1977)

Educational licenses in Physics and Mathematics


Insead International Marketing Programme (1997)



Job experience

1977 - 1984

(Publishing Company)

From Operational Research Consultant to Manager of the Systems Programming and Special Applications department (one of the three sub-departments of the central Information Services department)




Gouden Gids
(Dutch Yellow Pages)


Head of Information Services department

1985 – 1990

DHV (Civil Engineering consultancy)


Head of Information Services department

1990 – 2000

Akzo Nobel
(multinational in the area of Coatings and Chemicals)


Several management functions in the area of software engineering and consultancy

Technology Manager of the central Information Services department


Atos Origin
(ICT Service Company)


Senior ICT Consultant


Infralin Consultancy


Many consultancy projects in the area of the ICT Infrastructure of large corporations



Recent Projects

All projects have been executed in large complex multinational companies, sometimes at corporate and sometimes at division or business unit level, as well as in smaller companies. Many others were involved in these projects of course, my role in these projects was that of the principal consultant and/or project leader.


·        Development and documentation of a set of connectivity conventions, merging islands of automation into a single architecture.


·        Design and implementation of Active Directory and Exchange infrastructures.


·        Migration of several legacy platforms to Active Directory and Exchange.


·        Design, development, implementation and support of a directory synchronization infrastructure, linking multiple independent directory structures into a single consolidated directory.


·        Design and implementation of a consistent global Wide Area Network infrastructure.


·        Design and implementation of a common, consolidated secure Internet connectivity infrastructure, covering both outbound and inbound traffic, remote access and the communication with partners.


·        Migrations of many local Internet access facilities into a common consolidated Internet connectivity infrastructure.


·        Migration of the ICT infrastructure of several companies as the result of mergers and acquisitions.


·        Disentanglement of the ICT infrastructure of companies being divested.




Older Projects I am still proud of

·        Introduction of decision support systems in an era where the term personal computing still had to be invented (1977-1984).


·        Design and development of a financial modeling system used among others for the consolidation of financial data (Elsevier) and the analysis and reporting of financial key figures of companies (FEM) (1980-1984).


·        Design and development of the Elsevier International Chess Data Information System, collecting all chess games above a certain level in a relational database and producing analysis results and publication ready printing films for the New in Chess magazine, thematic publications and yearbooks (1983, continuously expanded by others thereafter, still operational).


·        Design, development and implementation of a project based enterprise resource system for a large, internationally operating, project driven, engineering consultancy company (1985-1988).


·        Design, development and marketing of a generic personnel information system (1990-1993).